About us

"MAXI GRILL" independent craft shop deals with the production and wholesale distribution of WOOD CHARCOAL – BARBECUE CHARCOAL AND WOOD CHARCOAL BY-PRODUCTS (terra preta).

We have over 15 years of manufacturing experience. We make charcoal in the traditional way by using forests in the Dragačevo, Ivanjica, and Kraljevo area. Raw material availability, an organized process, and a large production volume distinguish us as a serious firm that sells quality products at low prices. We are domestic market leaders in charcoal distribution. As a result of increased demand, we opened several new furnaces with a total capacity of up to 150 tons per month. The parameters that make our company stand out from our competitors include location, engineering, innovation, and ability to produce good quality wood charcoal. We are always available to our customers for all forms of cooperation and any information about our products.


In 2008, we introduced a line for the automatic packaging of charcoal, which enables us to export larger amounts.

Years of experience

More than 15 years of manufacturing experience.

A team of professionals

We boast high worker productivity and an assortment of products for every customer.

Our success

can be attributed to the good management, production, and infrastructure of our company, high employee productivity and an assortment of products we offer to our customers. In this field, in our country, we are one of the few who have highly educated professional staff (mechanical engineers), which contributes to our technological innovation.